Hard Facts



A wide range of dynamic, ribbon and condenser microphones are available. Brands include RME, SPL, AKG, Neumann, Sennheiser, Rode, Shure, ART, JBL, EST, Mackie, Yamaha and also Behringer. ;-)


Preamps, channel stripes, AD / DA converters and other outboard gear is available. Brands include u.a. SPL, ART, RME, Focusrite und Aphex. 
Multitrack up to 24 channel the same time.


We are playing back and listening to your tracks using speaker systems and gear from Mackie, Yamaha, JBL and NEar. A total of five different systems is available.


We are using the latest version of Cubase and Wavelab from Steinberg. We are familiar with Cubase since the software appeared on the market the first time. We enjoyed recording audio on an Atari Falcon in the 90s already!


To mention a few only: Drums, cajon, percussion but also a real piano, a few guitars and also guitar - and bass amps too. Brands include: Tama, Meinl, Gibson, Vox, Hartke, usw.

Live Recording

Live recording "on Location" is avalable too. Besides recording in the studio we are also offering access to philharmonsic halls, churches and other unique rooms to record your music in.